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School News

TNMF School annual sports day celebrated on 25 Oct 2019. Mr. Norbu la, welfae officer of Tibetan Settlements of Doon valley presided the occasion as the Chief Guest.
Class I to VIII final exam commence in December.
Children’s Day programmes from staff on 14th November 2019

School History

The Bhoodan Samiti of the late Acharya Vinobha Bhave gave over 100 acres of land to the late Gungthang Tsultrim and the Amdo Dance and Drama troupe in the mid sixties to rehabilitate Tibetan refugees here at Clement Town. A small primary school was established at the same time to cater to the education of the early settlers on this settlement. At first, the school itself was housed in hut. The construction of the present school itself began in 1965 with help from the Department of Education (DOE), Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala and other NGOs that were active with the rehabilitation of Tibetans at that time. 

The ground floor of the right wing, that currently houses classes I and II plus our staff room and school office, was sponsored by the Tibetan Refugee Aid Society, Canada in 1965. The ground floor of the left wing that currently houses classes III to V was built with the help of Swiss Aid to Tibetans in 1966.
The school began with one volunteer teacher named Ms. Felicia and five students. Miss Vidya Singh, 1968 to 1976 was the first headmistress. She was appointed through the Central Tibetan Schools Administration (CTSA), New Delhi. The settlement was named the Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation and so the primary school here was simply called the Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation School (TNMFS).
From the very beginning, the ownership and management of the school lay with the local Tibetan settlement. In other words, Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation has always administered this school. However, the school did and continues to get grant in aid from the Central Tibetan Schools Administration (CTSA), New Delhi. The grant in aid from CTSA is in the form of funding for the salary of a few teachers. From 1993 to 2003; CTSA also helped us with text book from Class LKG to V. From 2003 onwards, the reimbursement from CTSA for text books was upgraded till class VIII. TNMFS has always worked closely with the Department of Education (DOE), Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala and has received assistance from it – the most notable being the funding from the DOE to construct a multipurpose school hall in 2001/2002.
TNMFS remained a small school with few students for a long time. For several years, its highest class was class II. Students graduating class II from this school moved into other local primary and middle schools – mostly at the initiative of the parents and the settlement leaders. Some parents managed to get their children into the Tibetan Homes Foundation School or the Central Tibetan School – both at Mussoorie.
From the mid nineteen eighties, this school began to grow and upgrade. There were two main reasons for this growth: Firstly, under the able leadership of Ven. DG Khochhen Rinpoche, the Tibetan settlement at Clement Town began to prosper and grow. As the size of the Tibetan settlement grew, the number of children at the school increased correspondingly. In 1987, the school had upgraded to class V and by 1990 to class VIII. Secondly, individuals and the community itself constructed several boarding facilities or hostel so that Tibetan children from outside of Clement Town could also study in this school. Initially, Mr. Gompo Tsering founded the Tibetan Children’s Home (TCH). This was followed by the settlement opening the Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation School Hostel. Finally in 1998, Mr. Karma Tensum founded Kyitsel-ling Tibetan Children’s Education Centre. TNMFS grew at a relatively quick pace because of the above reasons. It quickly upgraded to class X in 1995 and to class XII in 1997. Today, it is a senior secondary school with over 500 students enrolled in it from Kindergarten on-wards.

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