Poem Recitation

Tibetan Nehru Memorial Foundation has been specialized with the curriculum activities like Poem Recitation for all Pre- Primary sections. Students participate in this competition to improve social awareness, memory, self expressions, communication skills and students gain the confidence to stand up and communicate with an audience.
The school also distributes prizes among the children to appreciate the efforts shown by teachers and parents.

Junior Section Sing and Song Nite

School organizes those activities which promotes a positive and enthusiastic environment among students which help them to engage in their studies in a healthy manner. Extracurricular activities like singing and dancing plays an integral part of the educational environment helps in relieving stress and to improve self expressions.

Cultural Programme

Culture is the aggregate of ideas, knowledge ,beliefs values ,customs and religion of a society. Our comprehensive cultural programme helps students to get a better vision of their community & family which enriches them to be more attentive towards the society they are part of.

School Callisthenic

“Callisthenics” are the exercises which consists of motor movements and exclude any use of apparatus. These exercises are rhythmic and include jumping, running, pulling and pushing. These exercises are the part of our schools’ daily routines regarding their numerous benefits. Towards the direction of improve student’s flexibility, raw muscle strength, cardiovascular strength and physical and mental coordination and motor skills.


Games and sports are the fundamentals of a student’s life. As it is most important for a student to study hard, well as it is equivalent to play sports to keep meeting our health requirement and to get strengthen on your body. We believe that playing games and sports are as necessary as studies. Along with basketball is one of such sports which demands activeness and agility. Playing basketball on a regular basis builds bone strength, improves cardiovascular health, develops better coordination and motor skills and has many other benefits.


Along with the academic institutions facilitates, inclusion of games and sports in the list of curriculum activities is necessary. We believe it is very important for every school age child to spend some their time in playing sports and games. Not only it is beneficial to their physical health, it also motivates students, enables them to grab good marks. Our facilitated outdoor game in the list of curriculum activities, football is one of the most popular and engaging sports. In turn, playing football helps to improve aerobic capacity, stamina, muscle and bone strength and numerous other benefits.